Enema Domination

23 BDSM Punishment Ideas to Discipline Your Submissive

But in BDSM—an umbrella term that encompasses bondage and discipline, domination and submission, sadism, and masochism—punishment can be a major component of sex. And a pleasurable one, at that.

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F/M Spanking. It’s been a while since F/M spanking was featured. So let’s go whole hog on it. I hope some of these images are fresh to you. Not much of a crop, but it should be fun anyway. Since I strongly favor tall slim folks, she has appeal. No fumbling around, she gets his pants down quickly.

A Trip with my Mistress The Institute

Then the fun (her fun, my humiliation and discomfit) began. With my Head stuffed in the toilet, the enema was released and with my sissy vagina squeezing, the warm water gushed into me. Oh my Gosh, It hurt. I could hardly stand it and Mistress Rosemarie was kind and went slow. She would stop the enema …

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Bethany’s Woodshed – A site with high quality spanking and enema fiction. Mostly M/F some F/F. pop (Added: 1-Jan-1999 Hits: 49005) David Gets caned for wanking! – This is an erotic punishment video in which Ms. Christine really punishes David for secretly masturbating and coming twice.

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Boot Domination & Fetish Breath Play & Torture Butler & FrenchMaid Training Butt Plug Caning Castration Play CBT Clothes Rip Confession play Confinement & Caging Consent Play Corporal Punishment Crossdressing & Sissy Instruction Crushing Challenge Dilemma play Dog Training Dollification Domestic Servitude Electric Play & Torture Enema Edge Play …Estimated Reading Time: 40 secs

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It causes one to cramp and release for the better part of a day. For a more acutely painful punishment enema, an ice water enema works wonders. I was recently on the recieving end of one of those. My Mistress made me bend over a bolster on the end of the bed and proceeded to administer a two quart ice cold enema with a regular bulb syringe.

Karen Anne Summerfield’s Excuse for Punishment

Enema Domination

The punishment enema, as tightly corseted as she was, was also something to be avoided; there was a choice given her to avoid it – simply suck the feedbag dry by the time her mistress or Amber came to deliver the next whipping. ***** "The chicken is delicious, Bill. Is this your own recipe?" Judy complimented the barbeque. "Pleased you like it.

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